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Class is in session

September 7, 2011

IOWA CITY, IA — A University of Iowa (UI) custodian picks up where he left off and heads back to school, according to the Daily Iowan.

Tragic circumstances in the morning of August 2007 caused Ed Phipps to go from starting his second year of college to postponing that dream, the article stated.

According to the article, three months after a head-on car accident, Phipps was forced to work a second job to compensate for his time off of school.

He began working as a janitor at UI, but after four years of nearly 70-hour workweeks, Phipps is looking forward to enrolling in classes for the January term, the article noted.

Education, for Phipps, is essential: "My life''s really going to start to pick up," he said. "I''m going to be doing a lot more things that I want to be doing."

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