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City steps up subway cleaning to avoid swine flu

May 1, 2009
BOSTON — Shortly after Vice President Biden cautioned his family members to avoid subways in light of recent swine flu news, Boston’s MBTA decided to ramp up cleaning efforts to ease riders’ minds and safeguard its transportation, according to the Boston Herald.
“The MBTA has directed its cleaning crews to give special attention to places such as seats, hand rails on escalators and grab bars on subway cars and buses,” General Manager Daniel Grabauskas said in an e-mail.
Rider reaction was mixed, according to the release, ranging from “I’m scared,” said Cassandra Delice of Malden, to, “I’m not really worried,” asserted Mark Shanks of Leominister.
According to the release, Dr. Alfred DeMaria, state epidemiologist, attempted to clarify any misconceptions the vice president’s comments may have caused, telling people: “If you are sick, don’t travel. There are no recommendations for people who are well to restrict their travel or quarantine themselves unless they are in direct contact with somebody with probable or confirmed swine flu. Then we are asking them to quarantine themselves because they could be incubating.”
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