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City Council members fight for janitors' positions

May 11, 2009
DETROIT — Detroit City Council members say they are prepared to go to court to prevent the privatization of about 30 janitors who clean their offices and the rest of City Hall, according to The Detroit News.
The American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 1220, the union representing the ill-fated janitors, had obtained an injunction to stop the layoffs that was later lifted, the story stated.
Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said: "This is an outrage. We need to be about people and about jobs."
Several council members say they have friendly relationships with the janitors and feel more comfortable knowing who is cleaning their offices rather than having out-of-towners performing custodial tasks, the story noted.
The janitors are Department of Public Works (DPW) employees and, if privatized, would revert to seasonal DPW openings and would work for six months during the summer, lose their jobs, and then be rehired the following season, the story added.
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