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City cleaners arrested for alleged pillaging of houses

December 18, 2009
PHILADELPHIA — Nine city workers with the city of Philadelphia''s Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP) are accused of stealing from the houses they were supposed to clean, according to WPVI-TV.
Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham says there was little cleaning and a lot of stealing.
The workers allegedly stole cash, furniture and other belongings from homes, including dozens of guns that were then sold on the street, the story stated.
According to the story, the extent of the supposed thievery came to light only when the guns started showing up at crime scenes.
Abraham claims nobody was keeping tabs on the workers and blasted the former city manager and for allowing CLIP to essentially be run as a criminal enterprise, the story noted.
The nine workers, including two supervisors were arrested earlier this week, the story added.
According to the article, the city is currently investigating those who were in charge and further charges may be coming, while five of those charged remain on the city payroll until administrative hearings can be held.
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