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Cintas settles with OSHA for $3 million

January 12, 2009
CINCINNATI — The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has reached an agreement with JanSan uniform and mat supplier Cintas Corporation to resolve six pending cases, according to Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.
Under the agreement, Cintas will pay almost $3 million for the cases which all invlove failing to lock out hazardous energy sources on industrial laundry equipment while employees were servicing the equipment, the story stated.
Cintas will also be required to certify that it has implemented measures to protect employees working in the wash areas at all Cintas facilities, the story noted.
Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Thomas M. Stohler said: "This agreement ensures that Cintas employees in federal OSHA states nationwide will receive the protections mandated by OSHA''s standards. Cintas also has agreed to a number of other measures that will help create a more safety-conscious corporate culture. This settlement agreement makes such measures binding on the company."
Cintas has agreed to hire additional professional safety and health staff, conduct more frequent inspections and provide increased training to management and staff, the story added.
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