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Cintas announces top infection prevention trends for the new year

December 16, 2010
CINCINNATI — Cintas Corporation, sponsor of Infection Prevention for Dummies and a leading supplier of microfiber and infection prevention programs, today announced the top 11 infection prevention trends for 2011, according to a press release.
The trends were identified to equip infection preventionists and environmental service directors with the information necessary to prepare their facilities for potential vulnerabilities to their infection prevention programs in the coming year, the release stated.
"From new governmental regulations to emerging viruses and bugs, infection control programs will face new challenges in 2011," said Brent Schafer, vice president of health care at Cintas.
"More than ever, health care facilities need to ensure they have the right resources in place to remain prepared in this evolving landscape," Schafer added.
According to the release, trends include increased availability of new disinfectants, broader acceptance of disinfectant wipes and increased communication and education regarding emerging threats.
"Infection preventionists and environmental service directors must work together to combat the emerging threats to infection control programs in their facilities," added John Savage, director of marketing for health care at Cintas.
"By communicating with other departments and working with vendors who provide knowledge and services to combat these threats, health care facilities can proactively help reduce the opportunity for an infectious outbreak," Savage noted.
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