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Cintas announces top five things infection preventionists should know

July 13, 2010
NEW ORLEANS, LA — In conjunction with APIC 2010, Cintas Corporation announced five important questions infection preventionists should ask their Environmental Services Director about their microfiber cleaning program, according to a press release.
By asking questions, infection prevention professionals will better understand the role of microfiber in the hospital''s floor and surface cleaning program, and can help develop optimal cleaning protocols that reflect the need for proper infection prevention, the release stated.
"While today most hospitals are using microfiber to clean their facility, many infection preventionists are not aware of how that microfiber is being used and cared for," said John Savage, director of marketing, health care, at Cintas.
"If microfiber is not properly maintained or used, it can actually spread infection. By working with the environmental services department, infection preventionists can maximize their infection control efforts and limit hospital-acquired infections," Savage added.
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