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Centre custodian enjoys campus environment

August 31, 2010
DANVILLE, KY — Kerry Sultzbach loves her job as custodian for Centre College''s Campus Center, but she loves it most when the college is in session, according to The Advocate-Messenger.
"I really enjoy interacting with the students, and that includes just talking with them or even trying to give them a lift with a smile or a word of compassion when they''re down," she said. "I really love working in a college environment."
According to the article, while her job is neither "rocket science" nor especially demanding, her bosses have high standards and Sultzbach works to meet them daily.
"Centre is meticulous in everything it does, including keeping its facilities clean and orderly, and that''s why it is such a highly ranked college," Sultzbach stated.
"It''s said a lot about good work places, but this place is like family," Sultzbach added.
And it''s the youngest members of that family — the students — who make the job "special," the article noted.
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