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Carpet cleaner consultant release

May 24, 2010
Carpet cleaning company owner turns consultant
Lancaster PA – May 20, 2010
Rob Anspach creates three core services under one umbrella to help other entrepreneurs overcome the effects of a down economy.
After 15 years of successfully owning and operating a service company in Lancaster County, Rob saw a need to help other entrepreneurs break free from the crashing effects this new economy is having on local businesses. So he developed three unique services that help eliminate the marketing frustrations felt by most entrepreneurs, rejuvenating the passion they once had for their business and helping them alter their mindset to become more successful.
The Millionaire Mastery Coaching Program is designed to keep entrepreneurs accountable for their actions, to help them overcome the many obstacles keeping them from achieving success and provide solutions to maximize profits.
Passions to Profits Interview Series is a monthly audio program that Rob records with other entrepreneurs, authors, inventors and highly successful people and gets them to “spill the beans” on their success. These interviewees share their stories, their passions and even their failures so the listeners can profit from the advice and use it to enhance their business.
Zero Frustrations Marketing Solutions provides a zero frustration way for companies to get noticed in the marketplace. Utilizing both online (social media) and offline (print, radio & other media) to get your business to stand out from the over 3300 marketing impressions the average consumer sees in a day.
For more information go to or call Rob Anspach at 717-330-7947 to schedule an interview.
Through the dawn of time…actually 1998 to be exact… Rob discovered through a friend, the power of using emotional direct response marketing to enhance his business, to attract & retain clients and increase sales with the power of the written word. In 2001, Rob began teaching others the power he had discovered three years prior. Now, fast forward to the present… social media is fast becoming the norm, but businesses are struggling to understand its power (it''s hold on society & and how they can make $ with this new media). In January 2010 Rob launched Passions to Profits Interview Series, Millionaire Mastery Coaching and Zero Frustrations Marketing Solutions to help entrepreneurs survive and thrive in this economy.
If you wish to discover how easy it is to make money using the power of the written word in your online or offline marketing, to attract and retain clientele and profit from your passions… visit today!