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Businesses heavily favor green cleaning practices

December 15, 2011

MEMPHIS, TN — There is a push for greener construction; the same can be said for janitorial firms, according to The Daily News.

ServiceMaster by Stratos — a Memphis-based cleaning company — has seen a significant increase in the demand for green cleaning in office and industrial users, the article stated.

"In the past, it was always like, ''Well, if you put a little bit of cleaner on it, then a lot more will do even better,''" said Stacy McCall, Stratos president and chief executive officer (CEO).

"But, it''s just the opposite in green cleaning. You tried to reduce the amount of product you use; therefore, you''re reducing what is left on a surface of a desk or countertop. When it''s rinsed off, it''s that much less that''s going into the environmental waste stream, which is always a positive thing," McCall added.

According to the article, green cleaning''s reach extends far beyond having a positive effect on the environment, noting green cleaning as a catalyst for healthier employees, lower operating costs and, even in some cases, businesses gaining access to government financial incentives along with positive environmental impacts.

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