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BOOST® Technology

July 9, 2012

If you demand high levels of cleaning with the ultimate in green benefits, BOOST® Technology is what you''ve been looking for.


One of our most important features of BOOST - you can remover floor finish without chemicals! That''s right, using only water. No longer will you worry about chemical smells, and slippery floors when you remove floor finish. Not to mention the savings in chemical! Couple that with all the other benefits of using BOOST and it''s a win-win for everyone. Save up to 70% in solution, extend your pad life by 40%, get longer battery runtimes, and cut labor time in half!

BOOST Technology is available on the new Focus® II Compact and Mid Size autoscrubbers, the new CR28 BOOST, the Focus Rider, and the new BOS-18 Floor Machine. The Focus II BOOST L20, Focus II Mid Size 28, and the CR28 Rider have also been certified as "High Traction" by the The National Floor Safety Institute. Awarded on Oct. 29, 2008.

* compared to traditional disc models

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Here are some of BOOST''s great features and benefits:

  • The only autoscrubber technology that is truly capable of chemical-free finish removal!
  • Up to 70% less water & chemical usage
  • 25% increase in battery runtime
  • 40% increase in pad life
  • Half the trips for dumps and fills
  • Reduced noise levels to improve operator safety

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