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Beware of danger: Restrooms at a glance

September 19, 2010
It is no secret that every facility has one common problem area — the restroom.

Not only does this area present a cleaning challenge, with hard-to-reach spots and constant foot traffic; there is always a danger that any given restroom will be the cause of a cross-contamination breakout since these locations are high-risk for such an incident to occur.

However, if a cleaner knows where the hot spots are and takes a proactive approach, cross-contamination and bacteria are reduced and the public is provided with a safe environment.

Traditional fixtures and older methods of cleaning restrooms have been proven to be detrimental to the concept of cutting down on cross-contamination.

Today, with tools, such as no-touch equipment, microfiber flat mops, dual section buckets and ergonomic equipment, cleaners have the option of staying far away from danger, while scientifically removing bacteria.

Modern technology, such as automated dispensers, is also showcased in today’s restrooms — from entrance to exit.

More and more, facility managers are being creative when it comes to customer and worker safety; and, they are doing so with the most effective systems on the market today.

Enzyme technology is only one example of how restroom cleaning has targeted bacteria and the spread of disease.

Technology is also employed in odor control where no longer is it acceptable to simply mask odors; today’s effective odor control products neutralize malodor molecules by chemically changing their makeup and dropping them to the floor for removal.

Still, as with most cleaning, odor control is another area where a total system is needed.

Equipping the cleaning staff with modern tools is only one front in this war on restroom contamination — proper training and education plays a significant role.

With a proactive plan, the right tools, in and a properly trained staff, restroom cleaning at any type of facility can be made easy, safe and cheap in the long run.