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Benefit cuts leave custodians struggling

September 30, 2011

CHARLESTON, SC — Faced with a nearly $30 million budget deficit, the Charleston County School District opted to outsource custodians, according to the Post and Courier.

While the option to outsource the district''s school-based custodians has been on the table for the past three years, it didn’t look like a reality until this year, the article stated.

"We worked very hard not to lose people," said Mike Bobby, the district''s chief financial and operations officer.

"I understand how this has to be difficult. It wasn''t an easy decision, and it was not made without considering the impact on employees'' lives," Bobby added.

According to the article, the move provides a total savings of $732,000, which would amount to $7.3 million in 10 years.

While custodians were guaranteed a job through the move, many were upset with the new benefits package, with increased health care costs, the article noted.

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