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Bell Janitorial release 1.26

January 26, 2012

Bell Janitorial Supply Relocates to New Ogden Facility
Company moves to newer building down the street; ribbon cutting ceremony February 23

OGDEN, UTAH -- Bell Janitorial Supply, an Ogden distributor of janitorial supplies, cleaning products, and floor-cleaning machines, recently relocated to a newer, upgraded facility.

“We just moved down the street, but it is a whole new world for us. We left a building that was nearly one hundred years old, and moved to a nicer, updated, and more customer-friendly facility,” said Michael Tanner, CEO of Bell Janitorial. “Our new location is adjacent to the Ogden River Parkway Development area. For many years, this part of town has been a bit blighted, but people are putting a lot of energy and resources into revitalizing the buildings in the area, and it’s turning into a really nice place.”

Bell Janitorial has six full-time Ogden employees, and stocks over 1,300 items, in addition to floor machine parts, in its new 8,000-square foot Ogden facility. Though it recently had a “soft” opening, the official grand opening will be held February 23, 2012. During the opening celebration, the Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce “Spikers” will conduct the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and the company will host an open house, vendor fair, barbeque, and the “Bell Janitorial Olympics”.

The company started in 1964 when the late George Bell joined his father in the feed and seed business, selling seeds, chicks, and lambs to the farmers in the Ogden area. George then started a business in which he cleaned furnaces with a giant truck-mounted vacuum. From furnaces, he moved into carpet cleaning, and then sold carpet cleaning products and other cleaning chemicals. Eventually, the business moved into a building on 25th and Wall Streets in Ogden, in an area, according to Tanner, that was “a wild and wooly location”. The business moved to 1776 Wall in 1980, which is where the company was located until recently.

“The old building was inefficient. It was formerly a meat locker plant and then a produce warehouse, so our inventory was stored in a lot of low-ceilinged, small rooms that used to be meat and produce lockers. In the new building at 1970 Wall, we have big, racked warehouse space and are able to easily move inventory with a forklift. It’s far more efficient for our employees, which saves money for our customers. We also have an updated showroom for walk-in business, an expanded repair shop, and a convenient loading area for our customers,” Tanner said.

With its energy-efficient heating and high-efficiency lighting, the new building is “greener” than the old location. “The environmentally friendly aspects of the building complement our corporate culture. We have been known as the ‘Green Clean Experts’ for a number of years. We were among the first distributors in Utah to sell environmentally conscious chemicals; we offer ‘right-sized’ receptacle liners that eliminate the use of too much plastic; and most of the paper we sell is green-seal certified. We are also avid recyclers,” said Tanner.

For more information, ring Michael Tanner at 801-394-5559, e-mail, or visit Bell

About Bell Janitorial Supply, “The Green Clean Experts”
Bell Janitorial Supply was founded in 1964 in Ogden, Utah by the late George Bell. The company serves a variety of customers throughout northern Utah and southern Idaho, including schools and universities, government agencies, building service contractors, industrial, manufacturing, and retail sites, and health care facilities. The company has 23 employees in its locations in Ogden and Salt Lake City, and distributes paper, chemicals and finishes, floor cleaning and polishing machines, vacuums, waste receptacles, plastic trash can liners, aerosol cleaners and degreasers, restroom cleaning products, hand soap and sanitizers, carpet care chemicals, brooms, brushes, mops, and other cleaning tools. Bell is a member of the Ogden Weber Chamber of Commerce, the Utah chapter of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), and Pro-Link.