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September 19, 2010

Certain market segments have halted spending, react with quality assurance.

The industry has gotten significantly smaller over the past few months.

Unfortunately, unlike in the 1990s when numerous distributorships were merging or being acquired in search of profits and opportunity, the current downsizing is resulting in job loss, position eliminations and overall restructuring.

Impact on our industry
Within days, industry giants Dow Chemical, 3M and DuPont terminated a total of 9,300 employees.

According to a press release from December 5, 2008 on CM e-News Daily™, DuPont announced that it cut 2,500 jobs.

On December 8, 2008, CM e-News Daily™ reported that Dow Chemical Co. planned to cut at least 5,000 jobs and close 20 facilities.

Also on that same day, our news service reported that 3M cut 1,800 jobs.

The United States is in a recession and the JanSan industry, despite widespread belief, is being impacted.

Do what works
These harsh realities may be causing stress to your business or cleaning service department.

Often, I discuss competitive differential and cost-cutting strategies with respected industry consultants; some even contributed articles to this issue.

These experts share the same rudimentary messages.

Although the industry''s products, techniques and training efforts have advanced over the years, during turbulent times, consultants say it is wise to get back to the basics of customer service and simply keep your clientele happy.

In this month''s issue, our cover story, "Economic outlook ‘09: Thrive, don''t just survive," Associate Editor Aaron Baunee displays how the economy is challenging JanSan business.

Insiders share how to survive a struggling economy through effective planning and basic thinking.

Also, now is the time to increase your market presence to gain the competitive edge for the long-term.

Rethink your advertising and informational-based products.

On page 32, our website expert author shares best tips to constructing a quality web presence.

Customers, such as K-12, state operated facilities, and certain health care buildings are feeling the same — if not worse —repercussions of a down U.S. economy.

The best message you can send to these distressed customers is, "My company or service is here to partner with you through the ups and downs. What solutions can my industry offer?"

This issue features several articles to get you back to the basics of customer service.

When you''re there, price and perception shouldn''t matter in the long-term.


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