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Aztec Financial Release

March 9, 2010

MURRAY, UTAztec Financial has been providing financing solutions for customers in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry since 1996. While more financing companies in today''s economy are using outside lenders to carry their contracts instead of carrying it internally, Aztec Financial is lending its own capital and dealing directly with customers. There are several reasons working with a direct lender is more beneficial for the customer versus working with a company that outsources their financing.

Aztec Financial, a direct lender, has more flexibility than other lenders to customize financial programs to fit each customer''s needs. Aztec Financial has the ability to go "outside-the-box" and above and beyond to provide financing options that would not be available otherwise, simply because Aztec Financial uses its own capital. On the other hand, brokers, or companies that outsource their customers'' contracts, are very limited in what they can offer each customer because the financing programs are typically predetermined and are not flexible. Additionally, once a contract is sold, the original lender has no say on what happens next or how customer service will be provided to the customer in the future.

Aztec Financial uses direct lending to minimize additional fees and finance charges, as well as protect each customer’s credit reports. Direct lenders use their own money to finance their customers, so there is no brokering fees or points added to the approval. With Aztec typically only one credit inquiry is needed and personal information stays internal, while broker contracts can be sold several times resulting in multiple credit pulls.

Applying with a direct lender allows the customer to work with one company from application to termination. The result is a relaying of more accurate information and a customized approval for each customer. Customers who use a direct lender experience a better approval process, a lower payment program, lower fees, fewer negative effects on their credit report, and approval options that are tailored to the needs of their business.