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AVT name a preferred product within PCHS

April 9, 2012

SPARKS, NV — Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) has named Advanced Vapor Technologies'' TANCS steam vapor units as preferred products, according to a press release.

PCHS trains custodial workers with a standardized workflow and cleaning specialization based on a detailed plan for daily and deep cleaning, the release stated.

"The utility of the thermo accelerated nano crystal sanitation (TANCS) steam vapor system is chemical-free deep cleaning of areas within the school, and in disinfection of touch points without lengthy dwell time," said Rex Morrison, founder of PCHS.

"We find that nothing beats the TANCS steam vapor approach whenever we need a fast, chemical-free method to clean and break the chain of infection at schools," Morrison added.

"We don''t clean for appearance anymore; we clean for health. We can go to any school district and guarantee cleaner, more germ-free student and staff spaces in less time," Morrison concluded.

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