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Avoiding carpet cleaners who are unethical

May 14, 2010
WASHINGTON — Carpet cleaning is one of the most competitive service in the market today. Many of those companies will do anything to try and get a customer, including using unethical tactics like the bait and switch, according to a blog.
The bait and switch is the biggest trick of unethical carpet cleaners. Advertising low prices is what they do to entice people. The cleaners charge differently once they are at a home and can give an actual estimate. It is a tactic that works so well they keep on using it. The prices advertised wouldn''t allow a reputable company to survive. Keep that in mind when they show low prices, the blog noted.
Researching about a company through customer reviews is a good way to scope out a company. The customer reviews allow you to tell easily if a business has a bad or good reputation. You should also check with the Better Business Bureau, the blog stated.
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