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Australia investing in green roof initiative

September 22, 2009
MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, Australia — Victorian Minister for Environment Gavin Jennings says a green roofs research project envisions the state''s future skyscrapers covered with trees, plants and grasses, according to Landscape Design News.
According to the story, the state government has contributed $120,000 over three years to the University of Melbourne''s Green Roof Research Program, which will look at tackling climate change through planting vegetation on city roofs.
Following the implementation of green roof legislation in many European nations and parts of Canada, green roofs in Australia would make the landscape more attractive, enhance the liveability of the urban environment and help reduce heating and cooling costs for building owners, the story stated.
Jennings says a lot of building owners are interested in establishing green roofs and the Green Roof Research Program will help inform them about which plants are best adapted to be grown on roofs, which soils are most appropriate and what the impact is on stormwater run-off, the story noted.
A Green Roof Australia Conference will be held at the University of Melbourne''s Burnley Campus September 23-25 to help drive support for the initiative, the story added.
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