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August <I>CMM</I>: The Other Side Of Concrete Flooring

September 1, 2009
The August issue of Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine is now available online, featuring Senior Editor Richard DiPaolo''s Contractor Success article "The Other Side Of Concrete Flooring."
DiPaolo states that concrete floors were once thought of as dingy, dirty, unsightly, dull and warehouse-ish; however, upscale restaurants, retail stores, residential establishments, offices and other commercial buildings are now making this type of floor the one of choice and these facilities are impressing — yes, impressing — customers and occupants with polished concrete flooring.
He notes that of the experts he spoke with for this article, all agreed that no specialized training or equipment is needed to clean concrete flooring; building service contractors (BSCs) that are trained to maintain typical vinyl composite tile (VCT), wood, stone or other traditional flooring types are well-prepared to service concrete flooring.
DiPaolo adds that there are sealants and finishes on the market today that are designed for concrete flooring.
According to DiPaolo, the challenge for many facilities today that are looking to install concrete flooring is removing the old floor and adhesives, and fortunately, some manufacturers, including companies interviewed for this article, offer specialized equipment that assists in the removal of old flooring types in preparation for concrete flooring.
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