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August <I>CMM</I>: Benefits Of Maintenance Benchmarks

August 24, 2009
The August issue of Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine is now available online, including Bill Hayden''s "Benefits Of Maintenance Benchmarks" article.
Hayden states that one of the best ways to gain a better understanding of maintenance spending and help uncover and acquire savings is through the implementation of benchmarks.
He notes that a good maintenance benchmark program will allow you to assess various aspects of your operations in relation to similar organizations, as well as industry best practices.
Hayden adds that when you implement a maintenance benchmark program, you will quickly learn if the level of your maintenance spending is on par with the quality level — perceived and real — of your facility and the expectations of your tenants.
According to Hayden, a successful program with actionable benchmarks will do more than just identify areas where you can improve your facility operation; it will also give facility maintenance a seat at the executive management table and elevate it to a more strategic level.
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