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Ashkin Group release 2.17

February 17, 2011
The Ashkin Group''s DestinationGreen Gets New Design and Web Site
Newsletter Begins Its Seventh Year of Publication
Bloomington, IN - DestinationGreen, the free monthly e-newsletter of The Ashkin Group distributed to nearly 4,000 subscribers every month, has been totally redesigned for 2011.
In addition to the redesign, the seven-year-old publication now also has its own Web site containing current as well as past e-newsletter content specifically addressing Green Cleaning and sustainability issues.
The whole idea behind the new design is not to just update the look, but to strengthen the company''s mission and goals for the industry, according to Elizabeth Crosbie, marketing manager for The Ashkin Group.
"Due to our direct involvement on both the national and international level working with industry, advocates, governments, purchasers and more, we are in a unique position to bring timely, unbiased reporting and insights that can help our readers become leaders in Green Cleaning."
Crosbie adds that the DestinationGreen newsletter will still be distributed each month with comments and content on current Green-related issues.
However, the information will also be added to the new Web site where it is cataloged and organized for easy reference under such subheadings as:
· Climate & Energy
· Latest Green Headlines
· International (Green issues)
· Sustainability
· Green Selling.
"The new DestinationGreen Web site also allows readers to comment on the individual stories [that are] published," says Crosbie. "We want to encourage our readers to share their thoughts and concerns... because we believe this leads to greater understanding of Green and sustainable issues."
Crosbie adds that the newsletter has been a far greater success than anticipated when it was started seven years ago, "and for that, we are very thankful to our subscribers."
At that time, she continues, The Ashkin Group just wanted to help get the word out about Green Cleaning.
"Fortunately today, the [industry] media does a terrific job covering Green Cleaning and sustainability topics. But as the people who actually have a ''seat at the table'' when these decisions are being made, we believe it is important that we continue to be a key source for that information as well."
Steve Ashkin is available for interviews, presentations, and commentary on Green Cleaning-related issues, sustainable buildings, industry trends, and facility management. He may be reached by calling (812) 332-7950.
About Stephen Ashkin and The Ashkin Group
Stephen P. Ashkin is president of The Ashkin Group, a consulting firm specializing in greening the cleaning industry and CEO of Sustainability Tool LLC, an electronic dashboard that allows jansan companies to measure and report on their sustainability efforts.
He is also coauthor of both The Business of Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning for Dummies.
Ashkin has worked in the cleaning industry since 1981 and has held senior management positions in leading consumer and commercial product companies. He began his work on Green Cleaning in 1990 and today is thought of as the "father of Green cleaning". For more information, visit