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Ashkin Group release 12.2

December 2, 2010
A Give-Away and a Challenge from The Ashkin Group
Bloomington, IN - The Ashkin Group--the professional cleaning industry''s leading advocate for Green Cleaning and sustainability--has announced that they are making Stephen Ashkin''s presentations at the just-concluded ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America tradeshow available for download.
Stephen Ashkin is the President of The Ashkin Group and founder of Green Cleaning University; he has long been considered "the father of Green Cleaning" in the professional cleaning industry.
"My goal has always been for people to really learn from my presentations," says Ashkin. "That''s why I want them readily available--so attendees and others can view and review them at any time."
Ashkin adds that his presentations are quite easy to follow, and "People who were not able to attend should find them useful as well."
Ashkin two presentations available for download are:
• Green Cleaning Fundamentals: Overcoming Confusion and Getting Down to Basics
• The Future of Green Cleaning: Where Are We Going?
The Challenge
Ashkin also noted that in one of his presentations, "The Future of Green Cleaning," he mentioned that purchasers of Green products--including Green cleaning products--are now encouraging companies to fully disclose the ingredients in their products.
"I expressed my disappointment that while five consumer-focused companies have adopted ingredient-disclosure programs such as those established by CSPA and the Sierra Club--which allow disclosure but also protect confidential information--no commercial chemical manufacturer in our industry has done so."
To encourage companies in the professional cleaning industry to begin full-disclosure programs, Ashkin says that The Ashkin Group and Green Cleaning University "will recognize the first manufacturers in our industry to adopt full disclosure. We will also encourage schools, universities, hospitals, LEED-certified facilities, and other organizations to reward these companies by selecting their products."
According to Ashkin, this is a necessary "next step" in the evolution of Green Cleaning. "Transparency and creditably are required for the [Green] movement to evolve and grow."
Steve Ashkin is available for interviews, presentations, and commentary on Green Cleaning-related issues, sustainable buildings, industry trends, and facility management. He may be reached by calling (812) 332-7950.
About Stephen Ashkin and The Ashkin Group
Stephen P. Ashkin is president of The Ashkin Group, a consulting firm specializing in greening the cleaning industry, as well as Sustainablity Tool LLC, an electronic dashboard that allows jansan companies to measure, track and report on their facility''s environmental impacts, He is also coauthor of both The Business of Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning for Dummies.
Ashkin has worked in the cleaning industry since 1981 and has held senior management positions in leading consumer and commercial product companies. He began his work on Green Cleaning in 1990 and today is thought of as the "father of Green cleaning". For more information, visit