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Ashkin Group release

August 11, 2010
New Ashkin Group Web Site Emphasizes Sustainability
New ''Curiosities'' Section to Play Prominent Role
Bloomington, IN – The Ashkin Group, which has long been the leading advocate for Green Cleaning and sustainable practices in the professional cleaning industry, announces the launch of their new company Web site.
The site, ( was built under the direction of Elizabeth Crosbie, marketing director for The Ashkin Group.
According to Stephen Ashkin, the group''s president, the new site is a reflection of the industry’s evolution from Green Cleaning to an increased emphasis on sustainability.
“As we did with Green Cleaning, we are increasing our emphasis on sustainability so we can play a leadership role in this evolution as well,” he said.
The new site, Crosbie adds, is designed to help cleaning professionals as well as building owners, managers, LEED project managers, Green and sustainability advocates, unions and others find the information they need to “help them as they also move from Green Cleaning to sustainability.”
It also includes something new and somewhat unusual, adds Crosbie. Referred to as the “curiosities” section, this area of the site will change regularly and include items such as videos, games, quotes, and images all related to Green and sustainable issues.
“Although many items in the curiosities section will be fun and interesting, some are provocative and may raise an eyebrow or two,” Crosbie says. “But we feel we have a responsibility to the industry to be honest about the challenges we face, and even more, to inspire people to take action to address them.”
As to inspiring the industry forward when it comes to sustainability, both Ashkin and Crosbie reference the motivational words of anthropologist Margaret Mead, who said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Mead’s statement is ultimately what the site is all about, explains Crosbie.
“We have always believed positive change is possible. In fact, Steve’s leadership in Greening the professional cleaning industry has proved it’s possible.”