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AQS release 5.24

May 24, 2011

Green Cleaning, the “Fresh” of the Future

New paper explores health impacts of cleaning chemicals and processes, addresses effectiveness of green cleaning, marketing claims and certification programs

(Atlanta, Ga.)?Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) has announced its release of Green Cleaning for Health, a myth-busting white paper exploring the potential health implications of a variety of cleaning products and methods, and shedding light on green cleaning. Green Cleaning for Health discusses the future of certification programs and initiatives promoting a greener, healthier concept of clean.

Green cleaning has gained momentum in the marketplace with related consumer market products quadrupling in sales from 2003 to 2008. By 2013, anticipated sales of green cleaners will grow to $623 million and account for 30 percent of the household cleaners market, compared with just 3 percent in 2008. Still, consumer awareness surrounding marketing claims for green cleaners is devastatingly low.

“Many cleaning products lack substantiated green attributes, yet are alleged to be ‘environmentally friendly,’ or ‘healthy,’ causing confusion for consumers, facility managers, cleaning professionals-even manufacturers,” explains Tony Worthan, vice president of AQS. “Green Cleaning for Health talks about the importance of cleaning but cautions that steps should be taken to ensure products and methods are effective and healthy for consumers and commercial users.”

The paper also summarizes certification programs and other initiatives in promotion of green cleaning, and dispels common assumptions associated with conventional cleaning. “Gone are the days of heavy scents indicating ‘freshness,’ or ‘cleanliness,’” says Worthan, “The paper explains that ‘clean’ should be more about health than aesthetics, and that clean is typically odorless.” Use of non-toxic products and decreased exposure to risky chemicals improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and overall occupant health; showing that green cleaning can truly revolutionize the way we maintain our homes, educational facilities, and places of work. The paper also provides guidance on how to verify green or healthy claims through credible third party certifications.

AQS provides easily accessible information, like Green Cleaning for Health, in the hopes of empowering purchasers to make knowledgeable choices to use products or processes that do not jeopardize consumer safety and health. Green Cleaning for Health is available in its entirety, free of charge, from the Aerias-AQS Indoor Air Quality Resource Center at Read more by clicking on this direct link.

About Air Quality Sciences (AQS)

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