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April <I>CMM</I>: The future of video surveillance

April 20, 2009
The April issue of CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine is now available online, featuring Lee Muratori''s Facility Focus article on the future of video surveillance.
Muratori states that generally, once a visible camera system is installed, only fools will attempt to perpetrate offenses within its field of view.
He notes that in recent years, IP (Internet Protocol) networked video surveillance has become a viable alternative to closed circuit television systems'' (CCTV) bulky and expensive coax cables, analog interlace video cameras and time-lapse VCRs.
Muratori adds that IP network cameras have their own built-in server, so they operate as stand-alone units and require only a wired or wireless connection to an IP network.
According to Muratori, A professional-grade IP network camera costs anywhere from $300 to $1,500, making its initial price higher than an analog CCTV camera, yet on a cost per channel ratio, an IP network camera is comparable with a DVR-based analog system.
Lee Muratori is the product marketing manager for Toshiba Security & IP Video Group.
Click here to view the digital version of the April issue.