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April <I>CMM</I>: Don't let budget reductions wipe out cleaning

April 15, 2009
The April issue of CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine is now available online, featuring Dave Frank''s Raising Standards column on effectively cleaning in the midst of budget reductions.
Frank states that data is essential when presenting to the school board or to any administration or executive-level staff of an organization, and by following the principles of ISSA''s Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS), most of the work is already done.
He notes that the use of an industry-accepted workloading tool, like that of the CIMS Service Delivery principle, will bring credibility to a presentation.
Frank adds that the challenge lies in explaining and communicating how a smaller budget is going to affect the cleaning of the building, so your presentation should explain every step in your thought process for how you arrived at your budget number or your plan for cleaning the building.
According to Frank, you should not hesitate to underscore the importance of following industry-accepted standards and guidelines.
David Frank is a 30-year industry veteran and the president of the American Institute for Cleaning Science (AICS). AICS is the registrar for the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standards certification program.
Click here to view the digital version of the April issue.