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Anti-fatigue matting blog release

August 24, 2009
Fremont, OH — Who would have guessed the topic of anti-fatigue matting systems would make its way into literally thousands of blogs? It''s true. Apparently, these mats are affecting people and improving their health enough to make them want to write about them.
A search on Google BlogSearch located 6,710 anti-fatigue mat–related blogs, mostly written by independent bloggers; Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft, turned-up nearly 200,000 blogs discussing anti-fatigue mats.
Anti-fatigue mats were developed about 40 years ago by Crown Mats and Matting and are designed to reduce stress on the feet and legs when standing for long periods.
In addition to the huge number of blogs regarding what many might consider an unusual topic, “is the fact that overwhelmingly, these blogs are very positive, if not glowing, in how anti-fatigue matting has proven valuable,” says Christopher Tricozzi, vice president of marketing for Crown Mats, manufacturers of several anti-fatigue matting systems.
For instance, one independent blogger who says her blogs are her “own honest, unbiased opinions about products and services,” writes that:
“Just before Thanksgiving, I received something really cool in the mail: an anti-fatigue mat. I was really excited. If you have ever had knee problems (or hip problems, back problems, or foot problems), you''ll understand why.”
Another blogger, this time writing about the commercial use of anti-fatigue mats, discusses an anti-fatigue matting study. According to this blogger, once the anti-fatigue mats were installed in a factory setting:
“Absenteeism rates fell by over 20 percent…and lost [time] due to injuries improved by over 300 percent.”
According to Tricozzi, blogging and other types of social media venues have proven to be a very effective way of letting consumers, facility managers, and cleaning professionals learn about the value of anti-fatigue matting systems.
“When consumers talk about the value of a product, even if it’s a floor mat, it carries a lot of weight,” he says. “These blogs have likely been a boon for consumers and our industry alike.”