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Another black mark for F-rated school

November 16, 2010
NEW YORK — It''s not just the failing grade that stinks at Herbert H. Lehman High School: Teachers and students are complaining that their Westchester Square school reeks of urine and dead rodents after six custodians were laid off this fall, according to the Daily News.
"The place is gross," said Lehman junior Ariel Diaz. "You have to avoid the bathrooms. It''s gotten worse this year. The whole place smells."
Conditions have gotten so bad that teachers have circulated a petition calling for the custodial supervisor to hire back the janitors, the article noted.
The smelly mess began when custodial supervisor Ted McCullough laid off six custodians — blaming education department budget slashing, the article stated.
According to the article, documents obtained by Bronx Boro News show McCullough paying the remaining eight custodians extra cash to work double time - an additional $32 per hour that could be saved by simply calling back the laid off workers.
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