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An army of clean

July 25, 2011

LEESBURG, FL — Lake County elementary schools will be the cleanest they''ve ever been at the start of the upcoming school year, according to the Daily Commercial.

Thanks to a virtual army of custodians, when the schools reopen later next month, the buildings will have been scoured from top to bottom, the article stated.

According to the article, since many elementary and middle schools have been closed for the summer months to save energy, the maintenance department has been able to combine custodial staffs, giving cleaning efforts a boost.

"Basically, we are condensing more people into the same amount of square footage," said Mike Corr, director of the maintenance department.

"It is giving us the opportunity to spend more time on detail work," Corr added.

Rather than a half-dozen or so custodians working on a single school, as many as 40 custodians will focus on deep cleaning six schools throughout the summer, the article noted.

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