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Activeion and Bill Nye release

June 8, 2009
ROGERS, MNActiveion Cleaning Solutions LLC, announces the engagement of William (Bill) S. Nye as spokesman. A recognized expert in science education and sustainable causes, Mr. Nye will assist in the continuing introduction of Activeion Cleaning Solutions’ proprietary chemical-free cleaning technology.
His first project, an educational video to help explain how Activeion works, has just launched at To view the entertaining and educational video, click here.
Integrated into the Activeion Pro, a portable, hand-held spray bottle, the technology converts tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitizer as it sprays, freeing people, businesses and the environment from the impact of touching, breathing or the accidental splashing of toxic cleaning chemicals. For a simple demonstration of how the Activeion sprayer works, click here.
Widely known for his Emmy® award-winning educational series, “Bill Nye the Science Guy®,” airing on PBS and incorporated into K-12 science curricula across the country, Mr. Nye is also a licensed mechanical engineer with previous consulting assignments ranging from the U.S. Dept. of Justice to projects regarding avionics communications systems. An inventor with several patents for consumer and educational products, Mr. Nye received a bachelor of science, mechanical engineering, from Cornell University.
“Bill Nye is not only an excellent communicator with an extensive history helping nonexperts understand complex scientific concepts, he is a critical thinker with a strong background in the physical nature of our technology,” says Jim Wiese, Activeion CEO. “Activeion has a revolutionary product that we want people to understand and use, and now, the story of our technology will be effectively communicated to the public in a powerful way by this recognized and respected science educator.”
“The promise of the technology is what attracted me to Activeion,” says Bill Nye. “It’s an example of how we can use our scientific knowledge and manufacturing expertise to do more with less—and improve the lives of people everywhere.”
“Benefits from our first product, the Activeion Pro, are dramatic. Its activated water cleaning process can eliminate most general-purpose cleaning products, providing health and safety benefits to custodial staff and building occupants,” says Thomas Denison, Activeion Board Chairman and lead shareholder. “The economic benefits are just as compelling, with payback in as little as three months— welcome news in our current economic climate.”
“Another stunning advantage of the Activeion Pro is environmental,” says Denison . “Compared to cleaning with traditional chemical detergents, which must be produced, transported and mitigated in the waste stream, the Activeion Pro delivers a greater than 97 percent benefit across seven key indicators tied to environmental sustainability. These are amazing benefits from an amazing technology.”
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