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A rise in ice dams means more business for restoration companies

February 24, 2010

SIOUX FALLS, SD — Rooftop ice dams — caused by the thaw and melt cycle of winter weather — have led to an increase in water leakage into homes, resulting in a greater demand for restoration business services, according to KELO-TV.

According to the story, Steamway''s Restoration Specialists in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is receiving over a dozen calls a day for water removal and mold remediation during what is usually their slow season.

Tracy Comp of Steamway''s said: "This year''s been extremely busy. Traditionally, January and February is a slower time of the year for us. You know, we wait for the spring rain, melting and that sort of thing, but with all the ice dams, Steamway''s has been around 42 years, and to our background, we''ve never seen ice dams this severe ever."

Comp added that it''s important for people to contact a specialist as soon as they notice the water leakage to prevent further damage to the house — which could lead to total restoration costing upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, the story stated.

Comp said: "You don''t want to ignore it. It''s not going to go away. We''ve had people call and say, ''Is it something we can simply paint over?'' The answer is no, don''t do that."

The ice dam problem is affecting both new and historic homes, and Comp expects the problem to get worse as snow melts in the spring, the story added.

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