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A peek at the 11th World Toilet Summit and Expo

November 28, 2011

HAIKOU, CHINA — Newly designed toilets were showcased at the 11th World Toilet Summit, which is co-hosted by the World Toilet Organization, according to NTD-TV.

Designers from around the world submitted their unique and environmentally friendly toilets, the article stated.

According to the article, the toilet design competition was divided into the three categories of urban, low-cost and tourist area toilets.

"This competition has demonstrated the application of energy conservation and environmental protection technologies in the design of toilets. It is of great help in increasing the quality of toilets. Many designs actively apply solar energy and water collection technology," said Chen Xiaojing, expert toilet designer.

"In addition, given the conditions in tropical areas, the designs of ventilation and lighting are also very creative and green, which can give people a favorable experience when they go to the toilets," Xiaojing added.

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