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A multi-tasking trend

September 19, 2010
Increasing productivity and ease of use is something BCSs, in-house cleaners, and equipment manufacturers are very concerned with.

What better way to accomplish both of these demands than to engineer machines that can perform multiple tasks with controls that are straightforward and easy for end users to understand.

In the process, manufacturers have eliminated the need for multiple machines that perform one specific task.

These all-in-one machines are gaining popularity for their cost effective, efficient cleaning versatility.

Manufacturers of autoscrubbers have done this by producing equipment that will effectively clean carpets and all types of hard surface floors without the need to maintain and store multiple machines.

Many are combing productivity with another buzz word — green.

These multi-purpose machines use less water and require less chemical to do the work of their traditional, task-specific counterparts, making them an all-around great investment.

By reducing the need for harsh chemicals — in some cases eliminating the need altogether — manufacturers are improving indoor air and indoor environmental quality for workers and building occupants.

Fewer and less harmful chemicals being returned into the environment after cleaning also makes BCSs, in-house staff, and manufacturers environmental stewards in the fight against the unnecessary pollution of our outdoor environments.

Today’s autoscrubbers not only clean more surfaces better than their counterparts of yesterday, but they do it with a much smaller environmental footprint.