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$95,000 library cleaning bill raises eyebrows

July 31, 2009
BOZEMAN, MT — The Bozeman City Commission is hesitant to renew their cleaning contract with Dust Bunnies Inc. due to concerns over the price, according to KBZK-TV.
Deputy Major Jeff Krauss expressed concern about the amount charged to clean the Bozeman Public Library — $95,000 — the most spent cleaning any public building in the city, the story stated.
Krauss said: "This is the same contract we got a few years ago when the economy was blowing and going, and now, it''s a little bit different."
The city of Bozeman contracts with Dust Bunnies to clean the majority of city buildings, the story noted.
According to the story, Dust Bunnies, which spends 90 to 100 hours per week cleaning the Bozeman Public Library, uses their own equipment and supplies.
Dust Bunnies owner Heather Jacks, who was awarded the contract over eight other companies for submitting the lowest bid, says she is willing to negotiate with the Bozeman City Commission to lower prices, the story added.
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