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CMI's Train the Trainer at The Ohio State University

June 25, 2014

CMICOLUMBUS, OH — Cleaning Management Institute's (CMI) Train the Trainer has finally come to The Ohio State University, according to Brant Insero, CMI's training sales specialist.

This event was over a year in the making, and now 25 cleaning professionals have come to the campus from across the U.S. and from as far away as Africa to attend.

The Ohio State University welcomed CMI with open arms, and the three-day event will include tours, hands-on demonstrations and group breakouts, Insero stated.

The first day covered the basic cleaning procedures of hard floor care, restroom care, above floor surfaces, carpet care and the chemistry of cleaning.

The second day covers the advanced sections of hard floor care, above floor care and carpet care, and the final day is dedicated to teaching techniques and options to roll CMI training out to the attendee's facility.

"It's a big deal to host it at The Ohio State University as they have embraced CMI training in their student life division," Insero explained. "A huge thank you to Carl Bowman and the staff. They have provided much support, organization and knowledge for our event."

Each cleaning professional will leave this event with a CMI trainer certification to begin administering the CMI Custodial Technician Certification course.

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