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From the issue: Point/Counterpoint: Carpet And Indoor Air Quality

June 18, 2014

There has long been a debate over whether or not carpet is good or bad for indoor air quality and those who spend their days (and nights) breathing in that air.

A new study, detailed in this June 2014 article, explores carpet's effect on airborne particles and allergens.

There are two sides of the debate: Those who argue that carpet is simply trapping dirt, debris and bacteria and contributing to the ill health of building occupants, and those who advocate that carpet, if properly taken care of, can help reduce allergens.

A study, performed by the Airmid Healthgroup found the following:

  • The types of floor coverings and even the different types of carpeting do have a significant impact on airborne particulate concentrations.
  • In general, these airborne concentrations “were lower with carpet as opposed to the hard surface floors.”
  • One carpet type, a 100 percent nylon, medium-pile broadloom carpet, consistently performed best in trapping contaminants.

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