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July 2014 Cleanthoughts

Making Tech A Theme

July 5, 2014

A popular TV character in the 1980s frequently quipped, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

And, as this month’s issue of Cleaning & Maintenance Management was developed and finalized, it seemed this quote was fitting.

As completed stories fell into line and the overall concept became clearer, a thread seemed to appear that tied a good number of these articles together.

While this month was not scheduled as a spotlight issue, many of the following articles and columns center on the theme of new techniques and technology that stand ready to change the professional cleaning industry.

Tomorrow And Today

New technology is the concentration of this month’s cover feature (page 18).

In the article, I explore ideas presented during the Congress of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC) held in New York City this spring.

During the event, company leaders and well-established, respected building service contractors (BSCs) spoke about the role new and improving technology will play in the future development of the cleaning market.

Based on their ideas and additional information, the article explores areas where technology can be depended on to generate improved results while new efficiencies will cover investment costs.

Keeping the theme of updated technology are this month’s Tech Tip (page 16) and Tackling Trouble Areas (page 36) articles.

While the Tech Tip involves cross-contamination prevention using different techniques and updated equipment, Tackling Trouble Areas discusses the electronic tools and set standards that can help cleaning operations prevent all-too-common slip and fall incidents.

Operational Techniques

Other features offer successful operational techniques from high-pressure gatherings and high-end facilities.

The first feature (page 26) reveals the cleaning practices used during certain internationally-famous sports gatherings recently held in both Sochi and London.

From catering and employee incentives to stadium cleaning and waste removal, these events showcase best practices that will be of interested to facility managers and BSCs that handle large event preparation, cleanup and maintenance.

Finally, another feature (page 28) highlights restroom design and materials selected to help upscale stadiums and other locations resist damage and graffiti.

Of particular interest is a new cinema in Addison, Texas.

The 11-screen, 1,900-seat theater offers valet parking, reserved seating and gourmet comfort foods.

Here, new offerings in the market were selected — even for the restrooms — to help create an atmosphere more associated with a museum than a movie theater.

As presenter after presenter said during the WFBSC congress, the professional cleaning industry stands on the verge of extensive, yet exciting change.

Managers and contractors who embrace these new technologies and adopt improved techniques now will have a head start as others lag behind.