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Up Close May 2014

Rethink How You Clean Hard Floors With The Cricket™ AutoMop


May 1, 2014

Windsor-UpClose-image.jpgWindsor’s new Cricket™ AutoMop is in a category all to itself. The Cricket answers the need for a machine that cleans better than a mop but is more affordable than an autoscrubber. This innovative product does not rely heavily on technology, but instead it applies tried and true systems in a new way. Increase your productivity with this extraordinary, motorless cleaning solution. No motor equals less mechanical maintenance and down time. Real world tests have shown this machine is five times as productive as a mop in open areas and even more productive than a 20 inch pad assist scrubber. It is important to remember this new machine is not designed to replace the mop and bucket or an simply provides an economic, productive alternative where needed.

Maintenance-Free Mechanical Pump: featuring no batteries and no cord, making it always available and ready to clean. Simply turn the solution on and push the machine; it will automatically apply solution and recover the dirty water into the recovery bucket.

Hygienic System: no more cleaning with dirty water, as is the case with a mop. Now you can have hygienic floors more conveniently.

Safety: leaves floors dry, unlike a mop, reducing potentially expensive slip-n-fall accidents.

Compact: we know the space in your janitor’s closet is limited so we designed the Cricket™ AutoMop to have foot print similar to a mop & bucket while still keeping it incredibly productive.

Productive: five times the cleaning rate of a mop in open areas, greater productivity than a 20 inch pad assist autoscrubber.



For more information on the Windsor Cricket™ AutoMop call 1.800.444.7654 or visit