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New Crown Mats and Matting website focuses on facts

March 25, 2014


FREMONT, OH — Crown Mats and Matting, one of the oldest and largest mat manufacturing companies in the U.S., recently launched a new website.

Web designers focused on making the site user-friendly and attractive. But, according to Dennis Knapp, national sales director for Crown Mats and Matting, the site’s informational and educational features are what make it unique.

"End-customers, and even many distributors, are unaware of just how effective mats can be at, for instance, reducing a facility’s soil load," Knapp says. "So what we did is build very easy, but also very revealing, calculators that address this issue."

Using the dirt calculator, online visitors are asked questions such as how many entries a building has, about how many people use each entry every day and how many days per week the facility is used. Then, they click on "show results" and the calculator goes to work.

The following is an example of how this calculator can be used:

  • Number of building entries: three
  • Number of people using each entry:
    o   Entry one: 150
    o   Entry two: 50
    o   Entry three: 25
  • Number of days the facility is used: seven.

Clicking "show results," the calculator estimates the following for this example: annual foot traffic is 81,900; accumulated soiling is 102.29 pounds annually; and costs related to this soiling are as much as $51,145 (based on ISSA studies).*

In addition to the soil load calculator, the new site also offers a "Buy vs. Rent" calculator. "This is always a big question for property managers — whether it is more cost effective to buy mats or just rent them," adds Knapp. "Using the ‘Buy vs. Rent’ calculator, the facts and figures speak for themselves."

Plans for the new web site include product related videos, articles, news stories and other mat-related information to help visitors learn more about the value of high performance matting systems.

*ISSA estimates that every pound of soil tracked in to a facility costs approximately $500 to remove.

About Crown Mats and Matting

For more than 70 years, Crown Mats and Matting has been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of matting products. Beginning with the invention of walk-off matting by the company's founder, R.P. Johnson, the company now has the most diverse matting product line offered in our industry. Crown sells matting through an extensive network of highly trained sales representatives throughout the United States and worldwide. These sales experts are familiar with the features and benefits of all matting systems and are able to help their clients find the right system for virtually any application.