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Cafeteria named for beloved janitor

March 21, 2014

WINTER HAVEN, FL — The Jewett School of the Arts named its cafeteria after Warren Bellamy, the beloved custodian who died from cancer on November 15, The Ledger reported.

Since Bellamy turned 17, he had spent more time in the cafeteria than he did at home, the article stated.

"That cafeteria was his home," Bellamy's widow said in the article. "He would go in there on Sundays just to check on it and study his church lessons."

Bellamy had worked at the school as a custodian for 38 years, even after earning a bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida, the article noted.

After graduating in 2009, Bellamy taught classes for less than a week before deciding his custodial work at the school and his church, along with other projects, would be more lucrative, according to the article.

Bellamy worked as long as he could, even while going for dialysis treatments three days a week, the article stated.

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