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April 2014 Cleanthoughts

In With The New

April 1, 2014

It seems to be generational.

While many professionals my age and older approach burgeoning technology with a good bit of trepidation, young workers seem comfortably dependent on gizmos and gadgets.

The next generation is comfortable with the concept of depending on a cell phone or tablet computer for a multitude of tasks — from daily scheduling and communication to education and entertainment.

But for older generations, developing a full-time dependence on newer technology is a scary, and possibly painful, proposition.

One question lingers: What if this thing doesn’t work … what happens then?

Cleaning Technology

In the cleaning industry, facility managers and building service contractors (BSC) have to be especially careful when adding new technology.

Once an operation finds a successful and efficient process for completing cleaning tasks, change can become a mammoth and difficult step.

When hundreds of employees and dozens of facilities are set in one mode of operation, balancing new ideas and updated technology with proven results and daily success becomes a huge challenge.

After all, new technology and processes frequently require an initial investment, additional employee training and a complete workflow overhaul.

Even so, it is this new technology that is poised to drive further evolution in the professional cleaning industry.

The pace of expected daily production has risen exponentially while budgets have diminished.

Due to this, older cleaning methods may not be feasible options in the future.

Today, it appears that updated technology is no longer a proposition, it is a requirement.

Focusing On Floors

In this month’s Hard Floor Care Spotlight issue, Cleaning & Maintenance Management covers a number of floorcare innovations and updated processes.

This month’s spotlight feature articles cover a number of topics, including:

  • Proper planning and facility audits
  • Reducing floor maintenance requirements
  • Plastic recycling and cleaning pads.

Also, our popular Tech Tip pages provide how-to steps to help workers perfect a floor’s finish.

Finally, the spotlight cover feature, Ahead Of The Curve, collects new trends and best practices from a group of respected floorcare experts.

While there is no new one-size-fits-all option or technology for every cleaning operation, even trepidatious managers and BSCs should become comfortable learning about and exploring new options in today’s JanSan market.

Information can be a valuable resource.

Taking advantage of educational opportunities and discovering the best options for a cleaning operation definitely have become a new industry standard.