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From the magazine: Bioburden in restrooms

March 11, 2014

LATHAM, NY — Clorox Professional Product Company hosted a restroom roundtable in Las Vegas during ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2013.

The company brought industry experts together to discuss the state of the public restroom and learn more about the cleaning challenges these rooms offer.

In the end, the discussion centered on the concepts of bioburden and cleaning for health.

In the March issue of Cleaning & Maintenance Management, Dane Dickson, the R&D director at The Clorox Company, wrote an article addressing both of these issues.

His suggestions for daily cleaning included:

  • Pre-cleaning surfaces to remove bodily soils
  • Breaking down restroom odors at their source
  • Using a disinfectant on floors to minimize cross contamination.

Hand hygiene is another consideration.

"Good hand hygiene practices in conjunction with efficient cleaning and disinfecting are crucial to preventing the spread of germs and reducing cross-contamination concerns," Dickson writes.

In addition, Dickson shared other tips for staff to stop the spread of infections.

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