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CleanTelligent Software improves implementation speed

March 10, 2014

CleanTelligent Software Improves Implementation Speed
Emphasis on fast and efficient program implementation

PROVO, UT — In recent months, CleanTelligent Software ( has begun to offer their software as packaged functionality as well as in an A La Carte system. This new method has allowed companies to select exactly the functionality that they need.

Under this new system, each customer has been able to gain the advantages of CleanTelligent more quickly than ever before. When this selective functionality offering is paired with CleanTelligent’s acclaimed technical support, and the security that comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, it is no wonder implementation efficiency has increased.

In talking about this support and the efficiency of implementation, Steve Keough, Director of Operations, of CleanTech Janitorial said, “In my 25 years of experience in IT and software, CleanTelligent’s customer support was the best I have ever experienced. My workload was reduced by 90%. They were consistent from Day One, anytime I needed help or had a question. We look forward to continuing our work with CleanTelligent.”

CleanTech Janitorial’s experience has made it clear that an A La Carte sales model, excellent technical support, and a 30-day, money-back guarantee have helped CleanTelligent to improve the efficiency of its implementation process.

About CleanTelligent: CleanTelligent is quality control software trusted to help build and preserve relationships.  We believe technology is not only for automation, but for empowerment.  Since 2003, CleanTelligent Software has been dedicated to innovating smarter solutions for Building Service Contractors (BSCs) and facility managers.  We help companies benefit from improved quality, revenue, productivity, and client retention.  To learn more, visit us at or give us a call at (801) 375-0375.