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Schools save energy with green measures

March 7, 2014

SPANISH FORK, UT — Thanks to a team of students, staff, teachers, administrators and custodial staff, the Nebo School District has been able to reduce its electrical use by more than 20 percent during the past 11 months, according to the Daily Herald.

The backbone of the program is Nebo's maintenance department and building custodians who work the day-to-day operations reducing energy consumption, the article stated.

According to the article, Randall Talbot, head custodian at Cherry Creek Elementary, said he hasn't had to make a lot of changes in what his staff does every day, but he does keep an eye on energy use at his school.

"I'm a tightwad so I always did those things like turning off lights and equipment. Our sweepers do check every night to make sure lights, computers and air conditioners are shut off. On the weekends any non-essential energy users are off including heaters. I know the study that the district just finished showed significant savings by doing these things," said Talbot.

With the help of Cenergistc, a data driven energy conservation company, Nebo's energy specialists Russell Maughn and Bodie Bradley, have led their team to an award, the Energy Star Partner Award, which is won by being “committed to the highest standards in energy conservation, and by being good stewards of district funds and the environment,” the article noted.

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