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From the magazine: Bacteria and soft surfaces

March 4, 2014

LATHAM, NY — Environmental services and janitorial departments are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting a wide array of surfaces in the typical facility.

In hotels, offices, schools and long-term care facilities, contaminated soft surfaces can be a significant challenge.

According to an article by Kelly A. Reynolds in Cleaning & Maintenance Management's February Infection Control Spotlight issue, many types of potentially harmful bacteria can survive on soft surfaces including MRSA, VRE and influenza.

Reynolds asserted that, over the years, soft surfaces have been overlooked by many cleaning managers and contractors, but today there are effective means to decontaminate these areas.

Steps that custodians can follow to clean and disinfect include:

  • Regular laundering.
  • Soft surface cleaning steps.
  • Hand hygiene program participation.

Click here to read Reynolds' full article.