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Feature January 2014

Cleaning & Maintenance Management At 50

The leading media brand in the JanSan market … for five decades.

February 18, 2014

A lot of things can change in 50 years.

If one compares daily life and work routines in 2014 to 1964, many differences quickly become apparent.

Daily newspapers, rotary telephones and TV antennas are examples of common staples that are now either completely extinct or rarely used.

Often in a generation that includes rapid technological advancement, only a handful of prominent, successful operations survive and still are going strong 50 years later.

One great example of long-term dependability and success in the cleaning industry is Cleaning & Maintenance Management magazine.

Our History

For five decades, our magazine consistently has been the go-to information resource for managers in the cleaning and sanitation market.

Actually, our publication can trace its history back as far as 1937 to Custodian Training published by L.O. “Tommy” Thompson.

Even so, National Custodian magazine is officially recognized as the beginning of Cleaning & Maintenance Management.

The first issue of National Custodian was published in October 1964 by the American Institute of Maintenance.

After eight years as National Custodian, the publication transitioned to Cleaning Management magazine in January 1972 based on different developments in the JanSan market.

To better communicate our coverage of both the custodial and maintenance markets, the modern Cleaning & Maintenance Management name debuted in January 1995.

Telling Our Story

Over this calendar year, we will speak with many of the contributors to Cleaning & Maintenance Management’s development and success.

We are excited to highlight our history, but what has proven even more important is the positive effect that our publication has had on the cleaning industry.

Our extended history is a great accomplishment, but Cleaning & Maintenance Management is more proud of the improvements and evolution the publication has brought to this market.

First, as the industry’s only publication that offers complete market coverage, we have created a one-stop media brand for in-house facility managers, building service contractors and maintenance professionals.

Our continued full coverage of these facets has helped different departments work together for the benefit of both employees and building occupants.

Also, in an era when other publications are slashing their editorial page counts, publishing bi-monthly and eliminating coverage of different market segments, Cleaning & Maintenance Management continues to offer robust industry coverage every month of the year.

The Most Editorial, The Most Value

Simply put, we develop and publish more editorial content than any other media brand in the market.

This includes our expanded monthly magazine coverage and our additional editorial posted daily on

Recently, we invested in to create the most useful and informative online resource in the cleaning and maintenance markets.

Today, CMMOnline is the exclusive home of:

  • CM e-News Daily
  • Online exclusive feature articles
  • Special edition e-Newsletters
  • Webcast presentations
  • Photo galleries
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Downloads
  • And More.

Our investments in both our magazine and our industry-leading website show our focus and commitment to being the market’s leading media brand for the next 50 years as well.

Though our history is long, we are committed to the same mission: Providing important, timely and useful information to our readers to help them succeed in today’s competitive JanSan market.

This year, we celebrate our history and this mission, and we look forward to helping you succeed in the future.

What’s In A Name?

October 1964 – National Custodian debuted

January 1972 – Transitioned to Cleaning Management

January 1995 – Became Cleaning & Maintenance Management