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March 2014 Feature 4
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The Impact Of Paper Products

Creating a premium experience via high-end amenities can help retain and attract tenants.

March 5, 2014

Luxury amenities are on the rise in commercial buildings, and many cities are seeing increased competition for tenants in the Class A building segment.

Meanwhile, older buildings are looking to redesign to attract quality tenants.

The demand for high-end offerings spans from the lobby to offices and even restrooms in these top-tier buildings.

Restrooms And Reputations

Each aspect of an office building or venue reflects upon the entire business, so every impression counts — including in the restroom.

From the brand of hand soap to the softness of the hand towels, success is found in maintaining a high-end restroom by paying attention to the little details.

A trip to the restroom always leaves an impression, whether it is agreeable or downright disgusting.

Building managers understand that creating a premium experience via fine amenities can help retain and attract tenants.

Something as simple as a pleasant restroom experience could mean the difference between signing a lease or walking away.

Valuing A Workforce

A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by SCA found that 93 percent of Americans believe the condition of a workplace restroom is an indicator of how a company values its workforce.

It’s in the best interest of building staffs to make sure they are offering the finest products and services to their visitors and tenants.

An upscale restroom must always be clean and hygienic, avoiding clutter of excess paper towels, broken dispensers, sitting water and other unsanitary conditions.

Beyond these basics, focusing on the lighting, background music and chic, consistent décor can be critical in giving restroom-goers a better experience.

Visitors also want top amenities, including comforting tissue products, gentle hand soap, absorbent hand towels, complimentary beauty products and environmentally friendly items.

Recently, building owners, custodial staff and even tenants have been requesting high-end products in the restrooms — whether it’s premium towels, upscale decor or other elite amenities.

It’s clear that they recognize the benefits of providing this type of experience for visitors and tenants and know that impressions are what make the difference.

Sustainable Practices

The positive impression left on visitors is not the only benefit of offering a high-end restroom experience.

Many premium products are also sustainable, generating less waste and leaving a small ecological footprint.

Today, businesses are expected to go above and beyond the standard environmental and sustainable practices and maintain a smart and transparent image.

Creating a luxury, high-class space, while also making smart decisions about the environment, reflects positively on companies that call these buildings home.

The trend of requesting and offering more high-end products, especially in Class A building restrooms, will continue to grow.

Building owners and operators who wish to retain tenants and build a new base of luxury customers are taking notice of the benefits of providing quality paper products, dispensers and other features in various aspects of the building.

Facility managers should take notice of this trend now and make plans to incorporate these products and services into their strategy. 


John Drengler is vice president of product and marketing at SCA AfH Professional Hygiene-North America, the maker of the Tork brand of away-from-home paper products. SCA recently released a line of Tork High-End Hand Towels and Xpress Countertop Dispensers, designed to match customer expectations for Class A office buildings, fine dining restaurants and other top-end establishments. Find out more and sign up for a free trial of Tork’s finest line of restroom amenities at