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ICAN/ATEX: How should I bid on a three day a week cleaning?

January 7, 2014

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I just started a new cleaning business. I just wanted to know the average price for cleaning a church with 4 restrooms,large santuary,7-8 classrooms and offices, 4 halls, and a staircase.

This will be general cleaning, maybe 3 days a week.

They also want all the halls stripped and refinished, including a very large cafeteria.

I submitted a bid of $535.00 a week. Did I cheat myself or over bid? The $535.00 is only for the general cleaning.

I bid $1500.00 for floors and the first time cleaning.

Tuesday’s Answer:

Without knowing the square footage and your production rates for various tasks, I cannot answer your question with any degree of certainty. What concerns me most is that neither can you.

Step one is to get an accurate sq. ft. measurement for every area you list above.

Step two is to determine how long you need to clean each area and then the total time for the entire facility.

Step three is to assign a labor cost to each and then to the total.

Step four is to add in all other business expenses that you will incur providing the service.

Step five is to   ... Lynn E. Krafft, ICAN/ATEX editor

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