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AVT launches interactive edition of white paper

December 30, 2013

Advanced Vapor Technologies Launches Interactive Edition of White Paper — Sustainable Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection

EVERETT, WA — Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) has launched the interactive version of the Sustainable Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection White Paper online.

“Since our patented TANCS® steam vapor disinfectant technology is unique, we have converted the Sustainable Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection White Paper to an interactive digital, user-friendly, interface with an innovative page-flip design,” said Rick Hoverson, principal of Advanced Vapor Technologies. “We want to make it easier than ever for professionals to learn about the TANCS tap-water-only process that disinfects in seconds not minutes, without using toxic chemistry.”

The Sustainable Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection White Paper — sponsored by Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) — explores problems, solutions and supporting research with the goal of achieving greener, effective healthcare cleaning and disinfection to prevent infectious illness.

In a time of rising global contagious illness coupled with a need for sustainable healthcare operations and decreasing reliance on user-variable, inconsistent and toxic methods, the Sustainable Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection White Paper, explores the problems and provides credible answers by quoting expert sources.

The Sustainable Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection White Paper discusses:

  • Trends in contagious illness including: Drug-resistant microbes, lack of working antibiotics, healthcare program deficiencies, mobile society spreading illness, surging hospital-acquired infections, environmental degradation, and the cost of national health bills that consume 7 to 14 percent of GDP in developed countries
  • How the problem has become acute in healthcare facilities
  • How environmental surfaces play a key role in healthcare facilities, and what to do about it.

The Sustainable Healthcare Cleaning and Disinfection White Paper helps provide solutions by addressing:

  • The Challenges of High-Touch Object (HTO) Disinfection
  • The Options for High-Touch Object (HTO) Disinfection
  • The Characteristics of the Ideal Room Disinfection Systems
  • Approaches to Common and Greener Disinfecting - description, advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Optimum Qualities of Surface Disinfecting Systems
  • Case study experience
  • Scientific proof and downloadable study reports.

About Advanced Vapor Technologies
Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) is the maker of proprietary, water-only steam vapor cleaning and disinfection systems. AVT systems reduce health risks associated with typical chemical cleaners, eradicate a wide range of bacteria and pathogens, improve indoor environmental quality and help prevent indoor hazards and surface degradation associated with chemical use. TANCS® disinfection - a registered trademark of Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) - is many times more effective than standard chemical disinfectants, without the associated risks to people, the environment, and surfaces.